AA in Hurstbridge

The meeting in Hurstbridge has been running since 1987. Each meeting we discuss topics relating to alcohol and staying sober. The typical meeting will have 15 to 20 people attend. Our meeting is open to anyone to attend, especially people with a desire to stop drinking.

The fellowship of AA

We in AA are men and women who have discovered, and admitted, that we cannot control alcohol. We have learned that we must live without it if we are to avoid disaster for ourselves and those close to us.

With local groups in thousands of communities, we are part of an informal international fellowship with members in more than 100 countries. We have but one primary purpose: to stay sober ourselves and to help others who may turn to us for help in achieving sobriety.

We are not reformers and we are not allied with any group, cause, religious denomination or ethnic background. We have no wish to dry up the world. We do not recruit members. We avoid imposing our viewpoint on problem drinking on others, even if asked.

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